Sunday, November 30, 2008

i didnt know she was an actor!

So hey look what i noticed!!:P


Prices are "funny" arent they (sarcasm)?
Strange how three (horrible) dresses from Philosophy....

...cost the same as these (quite nice) 12 items from Evil Panda

Which would you choose? Hmm hard question i think not.
I know this is old news but Stardoll must be going MAD.

New Header from Lettie97

Thanks one more time from the Hot and Not team to Lettie for making another header for us!


How To Make A Plain Black Dress POP

Below is the Kat Dress from Fallen Angel with Voile heels. Gorgeous, huh? Wait til you see the next picture.

Stand out with Autumn Jewels accessories like Splendid necklace and earrings and Volie bracelet and ring (use the search function to get this). Top it all off with a shiny Bisou bag.XOXO

How to make Summer Clothes Look Hot in the Winter

I'm going to show you what to add to a summer dress to make it look hot in the winter!!!!

This is Boni in her summer dress and cute beret! 
In this picture I added some winterish accessories and tights to make this outfit cool for the winter!! 

Another New Writer

Header pic? Check.
Blogger name? Check.
A huge helping of style and Stardoll know-how? Check and check.

Hey guys, Varietygirl9143 here -- more commonly know as Vari. I'll try to post weekly, more if there's a new store or a trend I just have to share! Feel free to catch up with me on Stardoll, I love making new friends :)


i am one of the new writers

hey.Im 12 and i live in ARmenia but born in Boston.I have TONS to write about.and will mostly write about news,glitches some fashion:)WEll thats all i could tell about me for now!:)
Oh and thanx again Boni for making this realy awsome picture of me VAMPIREIFIED :P


Well hello - i am _M_A_D_1234 (Maddy) - im one of the new writers for this blog!!

Thank you Boni and Katie for choosing me - i will be posting as often as i can!
Well thats it for now -


Toodles lol!

<- this is me

New writers

We have added 5 new writers to our blog!!!!!



Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Great Looks of the Day

I am thinking about starting a feature that I do every day called "3 Great Looks of the Day", to award three people for looking hot! So, if you like it *and please comment on it* I will do it more!

Third place of the day is awarded to vnvi. I love the way he (yes, read his info) used simple pieces and then one great DKNY piece to make the outfit pop! I have always loved that silk shirt, and she has worn it better than I have ever seen.

Second place today goes to lilienejak. I loved the way she paired her army trousers and green cardigan with a hotbuy scarf and a trendy t-shirt. I love the edge she threw into the hotbuy scarf by using two rarely worn pieces. This girl is one to keep an eye on!

First place of the day goes to Welsh_witch! Not only is Rhiann a great blogger and a nice person, she has taste TO DIE FOR! I love how she made the green Voile dress her own with edgy pieces like she does nearly every day.
Mwah. Make sure to apply to be a writer!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Easy Trend To Try Now

If you were on Stardoll for the Tampax monthly gift club, then you most likely have a white skirt from it. Well, I saw this trend on someone...I can't remember who...but anyway, I saw it on one of my friends and so I decided to try it myself. I think it looks good, what do you think?
I sorta like the summery vibe it has even though it's cold outside!


Official Club!

Click here to go to the official club of Hot and Not of Stardoll! This is Boni and Katie here. Katie owns the club because 1) we both own this blog even though Boni officially owns it and 2) we are both non-superstars and Boni already had a club. Please join to show us that you are a true reader!
Luv you all!!
Boni and Katie

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Open Writing Position!


Let's hear the details:
You will be writing if you get a spot for which is a soon to be famous blog telling all about style on Stardoll and who rocks it.

How do I apply?
Message me the completed form if you are my friend on SD(see below) or post it in the comments.

What do I need?
Here is the form:
Stardoll Name:
Why we should pick you:
Familiar with blogger or not:
Any other details:

So, thanks! Hope you apply!

Boni and Katie

Ew! A total not.

This ANONYMOUS person does not know how to apply makeup or choose facial features.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank you, Lettie97!

Thanks so much to Lettie97! She is responsible for the new headers. Katie has one, too! Anyway, you can get to her blog here. She'll make pics for your Stardoll (and maybe more) stuff if you post it in the comments. Doesn't this stuff look great?


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fashionsushi: Non-superstar with taste!

Fashionsushi has never been superstar, but she has such a great suite! Check it out!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I know, I'm slow, but I finally figured out how to get a chatbox!! Go ahead and talk in it!!