Monday, March 23, 2009

Littlest Pet Shop & See By Chloe Rares!

Hey guys...
Once again, i am soooo sorry i havent posted in ages - school is just crazy and also i'm revising like mad for entrance exams to a school in England for when i move at the end of the year.
I have been on stardoll and i was going to post about Antidote but there was already a brilliant one by my amazing fellow writer varietygirl9143.
And then i logged on this morning and found that the club Free.Stuff had a new post - Little Pet Shop is back with free butterfly and cute lil animals for only $1 and non-SS. Grab them!

I am about to buy the adorable FLAMINGO!

Also Look what lucky me got!
*click to enlarge*

Whooo raresies

Loadsa See By Chloe stuff
But i'm still looking for the orange/yellow cardigan thing that Twiggy has.
Hint hint.

Must end this ramble im afraid,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Limited Edition Brand

So I got on SD this morning and looked at the pick of the day and said, "Oh, that must be new! I wonder what shop it's from?" So I went to the starplaza and it wasn't in the new items section. So after looking around a while I found a new shop- Antidote. It's kinda punk-y, street style, but it's also LE without having the LE label. When you click on any of the clothes it gives you the same "items left" bar. And yes, some of the prices are exorbitantly high.

But definitely check it out. Personally, there's not enough that's my style, but hey, there's too whole floors to choose from!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Be sure to stop by StarPlaza to get your special St. Patrick's Day clothes! There's a really cute dress, some sneakers, and a necklace for sale and something tells me they won't be available for very long. They're all under 6 stardollars and Non-superstar!

Oh, and be sure to send your friends a four leaf clover gift; we could all use a little luck ;)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hackers again??

Hey guyss!!
I'm slightly worried because i was sent a dollmail about some random person saying she was my best friend and it sounds like something a hacker would do. Like try and be friends until you swap passes then BAM! Nicked all your rares or sold them for $60.
Here is a pic, i've blocked off her name and stuff in case she's just a normal person who did this for some reason.
My answer is below.

**Click to enlarge**

She's never talked to me before but she's been in my friends list for ages. Do you think this looks like a hacker? Please help!! Write in comments!!

And just to finish off, im sure you've all seen the womans day thing so i wont do a pic


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Inspired Looks

Hey guys! I checked the starplaza today and saw those hot purple gloves and my first thought was "Demi Lovato." So I decided to do a Demi-themed outfit! This outfit's inspired by her look in the video "Get Back" -- I think it actually turned out pretty well. The only part I couldn't do was the scarf... oh for the AJ scarf! So I substituted the heart ribbon.

If you're like me, then you already own a bunch of these pieces. So creating your own Demi look will be pretty easy! The total for me came out to 29 stardollars (they couldn't the heart ribbon twice for some reason -- silly stardoll!).

The Italian Mafia

Hey guys...
I just wanted to post about this before anyone else on this blog did.

Picture from Stardoll's Most Hated Website

Picture from Club Free Stuff blog

Notice anything... similar about these two pictures?
How about... the message is EXACTLY THE SAME and so is the medoll?

These two are part of the Italian Mafia. They ask to be friends with you with the normal rubbish that people put so that you dont say no cuz its empty, and you say yes and they start sending messages to you asking stuff about you, trying to get your information, so they can guess your password and/or trying to be your best friend up til you swap passwords. She of course gives you a fake one and then hacks you and sells your rares to either to their main account cheap so they can keep it or sell it for $60 or something.

There are ways to recognise them though.
Thanks to Club Free Stuff blog (link is under their picture that i used), i found out that main suspects are: klifford.tiamo, sweetgirlicious and Rachson. And if it is them, the dolls they are using are normally *randomgirlsname*_*fournumbers*. And thats not the real name. Obviously you insert the girls name etc where the *s are.
Also they ALL have the same medoll and clothes, all have the same favourite celebrity (Aaliyah) and celebrity look alike (Alicia Keys).

Though that shouldn't stop you making friends on stardoll, just check out their medoll and etc (first check out the ones at the top so you know what you're looking for), then add them.

Just so you know and dont get hacked, but dont get totally paranoid!!

Also if someone sends you a link ending in NEVER CLICK IT especially if you are LOGGED ON to your stardoll account as they are automatic hacks and they can get hold of your email etc aswell as your stardoll info.

WOW im all hacked out (not literally)


Monday, March 2, 2009

Glamour magazine, Clubs, DKNY and Cute Pups!

Hey guys!!!

Glamour Magazine (click here) is OUT and its AMAZING!!

It's made mainly by dodence_bt and a couple of others, covergirl is BeverlyHillsHei.
For the rest you gotta go see it!!
The graphics are amazing btw.

Also on a totally different subject you can get three free london items if you join any of these three clubs:




(credit to Scribonia326 @

I guess you've all seen the new Elle by now and i wont continue on it apart from the fact that it's really nice but way too expensive as its already been covered in a really good post by Varietygirl9143.

Also i guess you've already seen the new Limited Edition DKNY idea from the stardoll mag which looks brill (and i love the hair of the model in the stardoll magasine post.
Plus the next season doll is out and for the Non-SSs who can't visit it here is a spoiler:

Seen the new "Call Me" HBS bracelet? i bought it like a shot its so gorgeous!
It's $5 and SS - sorry non-SS amazing people out there!

And finally our new dog-doll - CHLOE!!!
A bit cute a bit not - and her wardrobe is great too!
Recognise any of these things?

So if you've got any of these things in medoll form, remember "this dog wears it too!''
Also this adorable pup is here too!
Quite a lot cuter i think:


Anyway sorry about this long post,

P.S also everything is buzzing with: Tylerismean, Fug Fashion and Springate leaving! AAAH.