Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Costumes For Non-Superstars!

You've always wanted one: A non superstar Halloween costume!!! OMG!! I know that you thought only superstars could look that hot! I worked so hard on these to make you look like a gorgeous celeb!

Avril Lavigne: You admire her edgy style, uniqueness, and how put together she always looks. I worked really hard to make this outfit look exactly like the one she is wearing. For a complete look, make your hair blonde and use the glossy lips.

Halloween Themed Casual Outfit: Whether it's just you are afraid to look as hot as a celeb or you want just a little Halloween spirit without being obvious. I put together some cute stuff in orange, black, and fierceness! AWESOMEEEE!!!

Rihanna: You love her edgy cool chicness and her songs. Look just like her on her single cover in a cute look with her signature umbrella and gorgeousness. Here is how you can look like her.

Miley Cyrus: Love her or hate her, she has a girlie vibe that every girl secretly wants. Use her chic boot and scarf looks. To be a little different and not even have to be superstar, use a Rio Chicos jacket instead of a girls one.

Ashley Tisdale: A little girly with edge, just the way you always wanted it. Cheap and simple.


Excuse me, Stardoll?

That made me mad. Updates are supposed to be SEPARATE. Right, Stardoll?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Awesome Clubs!!!!!!

Here is a list of some
awesome clubs!!!!


Coolio__Club (Boni's club)








Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Koala_Chick You Rock!

   Awesome Mirror!!!!! 

Koala_Chick has an awesome mirror!! 
This is a great way to use the gifts you have gotten!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Awesome Outfits

Cipria: Totally rocks this look with a bunch of cute, simple items looking totally chic, which is what I LOVE in fashion. BTW, how could you not love that outfit to her left?
Disappeared: Besides having that amazing username, she rocks that gift dress with giving it a little bit of an edge with her black accessories.
Frejaisla: In addition to being a very nice person, she is one of the few people who have tried to pull of the Pepita Jacket. And she looked good. A+, girl!
Lyd-bid: Wow! I love scarves, and I was just looking in the shop at those boots and wondering if anyone buys them. There's my answer.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Awesome Clubs!!!!!!

These are some really cool clubs!!!

A cool club is ILuvMyBff it is 
very fun!! This club 
was made by Kaitieloohoo

Cool-Pplz-Only is an
awesome and fun club!!!
It was made 
by 21Gurl

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nice job, clarice92!!

I have to give this girl a lot of credit. Not many people have tried to pull off the horse bowl thing, but she made a cute shower-ish item. I love it! Good work, clarice92!



PS You love my new header, right???!?!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Really Cool Dresses!!

These are some really cool and fancy dresses
each of them cost 60 stardollars in the bazaar!!
These dresses are from

Ball Dress
Queen Dress

Ball Dress

Wow! That's hot!

Wow! These are some hot outfits:
Fionamcgonigle makes use of many dresses and horse hair with her chic flair she always has:
arna-rut makes the Chanel high-waisted skirt look even more trendy than it is in the stores with a few cute pieces and the horse hair:
lil.stargurl creates a fairy-like ambiance with white clothing and horse hair extensions:
Xmissy.dX makes that gift dress look edgy in a great way:
And, a cool headband by Kortni_theGreat who creates a totally new look from two pieces:


Welcome to the Blog

Hey you guys!!

My name is Boni (scribonia326 on Stardoll) and this is the blog I share with my BFF, Katie (happyhed).

We basically share this blog, but there had to be one owner so I am it. Anyway, we are real life best friends so we can edit each others' posts and stuff.

Thanks for reading!!


Sweet Suites

These sweet suites are some of the coolest I saw on stardoll!!