Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Costumes For Non-Superstars!

You've always wanted one: A non superstar Halloween costume!!! OMG!! I know that you thought only superstars could look that hot! I worked so hard on these to make you look like a gorgeous celeb!

Avril Lavigne: You admire her edgy style, uniqueness, and how put together she always looks. I worked really hard to make this outfit look exactly like the one she is wearing. For a complete look, make your hair blonde and use the glossy lips.

Halloween Themed Casual Outfit: Whether it's just you are afraid to look as hot as a celeb or you want just a little Halloween spirit without being obvious. I put together some cute stuff in orange, black, and fierceness! AWESOMEEEE!!!

Rihanna: You love her edgy cool chicness and her songs. Look just like her on her single cover in a cute look with her signature umbrella and gorgeousness. Here is how you can look like her.

Miley Cyrus: Love her or hate her, she has a girlie vibe that every girl secretly wants. Use her chic boot and scarf looks. To be a little different and not even have to be superstar, use a Rio Chicos jacket instead of a girls one.

Ashley Tisdale: A little girly with edge, just the way you always wanted it. Cheap and simple.