Saturday, December 26, 2009


What's red, and green, and leopard printed? The new DKNY collection, of course! Ok, lame attempt at humor aside, I think this collection is definitely hot. Very New York, very chic, very wintery, and very cute. The only thing I don't like is (you guessed it) the price. But, blame the consumer in me, I immediately went and bought a number of pieces. I mean, how could I resist? Have you looked at those dresses and jackets?

But now it's your turn. What's your favorite piece (or pieces, you're totally allowed to have more than one!)?

Kohls 2009!

Second post, here we come! I'm good :)

This time around, Kohls. Who's excited? I know I certainly am! Fun Kohls clothes for Non-Superstars? Count me in. As with any store, there are some hits and misses (like that suit.... I'm still not sure what exactly I think about it), but on the whole, I'm a fan.

Here's my review of the whole thing.

The Candies collection is super cute, from the checkered coat, to the purple belted shirt, to the peep-toe heels. I'm in love with the bag the Britney doll is holding and that black skirt in the back is oh so sweet. However I'm not sure what to think of the plaid blouse on the far right... is it supposed to be bat wing? And compared to past collections, the pants aren't too impressive this time around. But on the upside, I like the necklace that pants suit model is sporting. Over all? A -

Oh Abbey Dawn.... where to start? I've never been a fan of an entire Abbey Dawn collection and this one didn't make me change my mind. I'm of the opinion that everything looks like it's completely ill-fitting and is just overall not visually pleasing. That's not to say that I don't find ONE thing I like. This time around it was the black and pink dress that Avril's is modeling. I love it! This is one case where girly-rock works. For me, that dress is the saving grace of this entire collection. C +

Now for my personal favorite, Mudd. The Mudd collections continually impress me, they're full of cute, casual clothes that I can easily imagine myself wearing not only on my MeDoll but also in real life. I love the checked purple shirt, the gray sweater dress is adorable, the jeans are great, the bag is fun, the puffer vest, hat, and scarf are cute, what more can you ask for in a collection? Great shoes, you say? Well you're right, there. But incredibly they've got those too! Boots! How nice. I like it, Stardoll. I really do. A +

Holiday Party Themes

Hey guys! Lydia here, just in case you've forgotten who I am. That's what college does to you I suppose though. First semester is finished and I love it! I'm on break right now, so I figured I'd do a couple of updates on the old blog. Look for a number of posts in the next few days! :)

First things first though, the holiday themes Stardoll has released! For those who have been living under a rock for the past, oh I don't know, MONTH, Stardoll has opened a Holiday Boutique with two major themes

1) Golden Indulgence

2) Ribbons and Bows

The themes are pretty nice too! One look at the first floor of the shop and this much is clear, bright colors and ruffles are definitely hot this holiday season.

Another trend is prevalent on the second floor: gold. Let's just say there's a reason Stardoll called it "GOLDEN Indulgence."

I'm excited for this one: gold is a great color. It looks great on almost everyone, brightening skin tones and making a statement when worn as a dress (such as the ones below).

However my all-time favorite trend of this holiday season is definitely jewel tones. Just take a look at that GORGEOUS purple dress on the third floor! I'm also loving the off the shoulder red dress and military-inspired high waisted pants suit behind it.

But there's one thing that's definitely not hot, no matter the season -- and I'm not talking about the see-through blouse on the second floor of the holiday boutique. What's with those prices? 18 Stardollars for a single dress? I can make whole outfits for that much! Thankfully they've been fair and kept most of the shoes and bags Non-Superstar, but still. Yikes. I for one think low prices in a holiday shop would be a fabulous Christmas present. Who's with me?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Is anyone else finding themselves bored of Stardoll? Where's the excitement? The thrill of new releases? Or even a new nonSS perk?! Where's it all gone?

I keep coming back to Stardoll, simply out of habit at this point, because it used to be so much fun. What about now? Sure it's still the same basic concept, but something's missing.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everyone's Favorite....

Stardoll's come out with some of our favorite things.... re-releases!

Remember these items? You should. We saw them about eight months ago. Both the Hjabs and the Aba'as are re-releases. But you'd think that they could at least wait a little longer, right?
The only other notable item on the page is the hot buys sweater. Personally, I'm not a fan. Anyone else agree or disagree?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Limited Bags

Hey guys!

Sorry for the horrendously long wait... I just started college and I'm in the middle of orientation week. They're keeping me super busy with all sorts of fun activities and such, so even though I've tried to get on, I haven't been able to!

But now for a brief news update.

Stardoll has released a handful of Limited items, all bags this time. I don't know about you, but I'm not particularly a fan of these.... Stardoll is perfectly capable of making nicer items, especially when they've proved it a number of times. Personally, I think these bags look like they were just trying to make something really fast, just to pacify us.

Just a hint, Stardoll: when you want to make us happy, release something completely gorgeous. We'll be a lot happier then.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Candies/Kohl's New Releases

Hey guys! Sorry for the extreme lack of post-age.... I'm in the middle of play rehearsals and we perform this weekend so I've had literally no time to devote to ANYTHING online!

Anyway, lots has happened since our last post -- enough that I can't cover it all here. But something big happened this morning! Stardoll released the next Kohl's, Candies, and Abbey Dawn lines! They even went further and released a Mudd line too! How awesome is that?!

The clothes are all non-superstar, which sure made me start to cheer. I personally have more nonSS friends than SS friends, and I think it's beyond time that the nonSS users got some super cute clothes!

I ended up buying about 57 stardollars worth of clothes from the total Kohl's line :) It was all just to cute to resist. Funny thing though, in the Mudd section there's this sweet little pink shirt with peace signs all over it... I bought the same thing in blue (in real life) two days ago. It must be like the sixth sense of mine ;)

Friday, July 3, 2009

MKA sale

There's a sale at the MKA store in starplaza! Now, since it's not monthly sale time, one can only assume we're getting a new collection soon, right? Let's hope so! I'm not a huge fan of anything in the current collection (except those gray and maroon shoes! Love those!).

I'm hoping for more Elizabeth & James clothes... the new E&J collection in real life is absolutely delightful and I know we loved having E&J on stardoll, even for a little while. Maybe stardoll will surprise us and give us E&J instead of more MKA? It would certainly match the glamorati theme a bit better....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm Back!

Geez, I go away and Stardoll gets crazy busy!

Let's see, how about a list of everything that's happened. That seems like a good way to do this, otherwise I doubt I'll get through it all! So we've got the makings of a HUGE post here, what with pictures and all. Well, let's get this started or we'll be here all day!

1) first things first. Glamorati. The new trend taking over stardoll. Personally, I like it. The purple dress is my favorite :) Miley Cyrus seems to be the darling of the trend, so many of the dresses are Miley dresses. Buy 'em now, folks, remember what's happened with other Miley dresses? They're now collectibles.

Speaking of Miley, recognize that white and black dress on the right? Yeah, that lovely free dress from a few weeks ago is now selling for 10 stardollars. That's right. 10 SDs versus free. And while we're talking about expensive, did anyone take a look at the price tag on that hot floral dress on the left? 16 stardollars. Outrageous!

2) New shop alert! Let's give a warm stardoll welcome to a shop that isn't filled with re-releases: Basics!
It's filled with, wait for it, basics. Now if you know me at all, you know I'm tickled pink at the idea of having a basics shop. I'm the kinda of person that loves using basic pieces, so this shop is pretty close to heaven on earth for me. I'm loving it.

3) Vivienne Tam's new collection was released! OMG! Again, very exciting. I'm in love with these colors and that black halter dress has me positively drooling. The only things I don't like are the prices. :( But be sure to pick up that darling maxi dress, it's too cute!

4) Now for a glitch. It wouldn't be stardoll without a glitch though, right? I wasn't looking forward to the newest Miley doll when I saw the preview picture (on the right) but then I saw the doll and went "what?" Those definitely aren't the same doll. But this time, I'm kind of glad. I really didn't like that preview pic!

5) Lastly, (no picture this time) there's a rumor going around on the spoiler sites that a new Elle collection is coming soon. Keep your eyes open stardollers, if this new collection is anything like the current one, it won't be one to miss.

Ok, well I think I've caught up on everything. Thanks to Maddy for keeping us alive while I was gone! :)

(oh and btw, RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


NOT a new section - but lookylookylook!
I hand you: Mix and Match Gemma!

You dont need me to tell you who i am do you??




Read the title.


Monday, June 22, 2009

July Hot Buys!

Hey guys! Stardoll has released the July Hot Buys, so that means it's time to find out... are they hot or not?

Tiger bodysuit: ok, seriously, my first reaction was to laugh! It's a ridiculous throwback to the 1980's and while retro is in... there's some things that should just never come back. The only thing saving this piece is the gold base color... such a hot summer color! 4/10

Pink hotpants: the thing with hotpants is, either you love 'em or you hate 'em. I'm not a fan, so I'm warning you right now, there's a bit of a bias here. The hot pink is a great color and if you like hotpants, I'm sure you'll like these. I know I won't be buying them, but I do love that color.... 6/10

Striped dress: so cute! I love it! I will so be buying this when it comes out. 10/10

Gold sandals: hmmm, I'll have to see this one on my medoll.... In the pic, it's hot. It's also a close up shot. So I'm not sure how it will translate to being on my doll. I guess I'll withhold final judgment until it's released. 8/10

Rock 'n Roll necklace: remember how I mentioned retro was in? It works here. I'm loving the record pendant, plus it's the perfect length to wear with a swim suit! Awesome! 9/10

Zebra playsuit: um... no! Playsuits work better if they're short, like romper style. Added to that, zebra print is like steak sauce, a little goes a long way. (haha, I'm so American.) 2/10

Purple tote: now that's what I'm talking about! Super cute and oh so beachy, it's perfect for a good summer-y look! I like it. A lot. 8/10

Purple sandals: they look like stuff we've seen before, just with a little more color. Tell me, stardoll, why should I pay way too much for these purple ones, when I can get them for a lot less in black? 5/10

Floppy hat: I think this one depends on the medoll. With the long haired model, it's kinda cute. I'd be curious to see how it looks on a short haired model. 7/10

Ruffle bikini: I am in love with this bikini. The ruffles make this look ultra sweet and the little bows on the sides? Darling! 10/10

Overall, the July Hot Buys faired better in the ratings than the June ones. The average rating this month is about an 8, compared to last month's 6.

Oh, just to warn you all, I won't be able to post for the next week and a half, so while I'm gone, Maddy's in charge!

See ya!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Free and more.

Heya its meee (if you wanna know who meee is check the header)

New free stuff babes!
New hairstyles! - i know varietygirl already told you about them but i noticed she didnt show a pic.
I've got a pic here that i 'borrowed' from TheStardollInsiders (dont know 'em? CLICK THE LINK). They've very helpfully shown where the things came from.

Plus free dress and sunnies - credit for pics to Club Free Stuff Blog.

Just a lil extra -
Went through Colbie Caillat's doll - LOADS of annoying clothes things -
Pic I MADE - not toooo shabby for paint.

Thats a bout it for now



Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Hair and backgrounds

I'm sure by now you've all heard about the 6 new hairs that Stardoll has kindly given us for our medolls. I'm actually wearing one of them :) 4 out of the 6 are completely hot! Love them to death! The other two, eh, not so much.

Are there any that you've fallen in love with? Personally, my favorite is the one I've got on my medoll right now... the shorter, slightly windswept look. It's actually pretty close to my hair in real life!

Also, in case you haven't noticed (though I don't know why you wouldn't have) I've changed the background for the blog. This may only be a temporary fix, but who knows! Besides, this is the only one I could find that I really liked... or wasn't already being used in one of the billions of blogs I follow. Nobody likes a copy-cat now do they?

Alright, that's all for now from me! Just a quick side note before I go, I'll be unable to post next week, so you'll have to get your Hot&Not fill from our other writers :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dress Challenge!

Hey guys!

Since we had a bunch of great comments about my last post, I've decided to make a challenge out of it! Here it is: using the one of the Bisou dresses that I last blogged about (the yellow or purple, your choice!), create a summer look for your medoll. Do whatever you like with it, glam it up, rock it out, or just keep it simple... you're free to do what you please!

Once you've made your look, save it in your album on stardoll and then message me to let me know you're done! I'll take a screen shoot of it and then post all the looks here in the blog. Then it's up to you to vote for your favorite.

Remember to comment here so I know who's planning to participate!

Ready? Good! Let's let the games begin.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hiiiiiiiiii ( quoting the title)... Oh by the way if you're thinking "why the hell did she put such a stupid title?", its just because i cant think of anything clever to say.

Btw thanks so much to my fellow blogger bffsml for making my gorge and oh-so-vintage looking banner - its so nice i love it!

Just some small things...
Boys clothes - finally! i reckon stardoll have only just realised there are boys on stardoll.
I even bought a boys top they released - though i AM A GIRL lol ;) before any rumours spread. LOL
no its really gorgeous. Its pink - its called hawaiian top and it does not fit my doll -- arrrgh.
But wth.
Here is een picturetje (sorry i merge english with dutch alll thee tiiime - its my 1/4 dutchness rubbing off):

Btw some lil glitches.
Red circled: high heels sign lol!!! For mens shoes.
Green circled: on the price tag - the two top ones are literally 'top' ones - where is the tiny lil top pic? If they can give men a high heels sign they can give them a girls top sign
And the bottom one is cus there is there are 4 item thingies and only 3 on him

And the big circles at the v v top are to show the fact that they are headless, beheaded, have the i-have-no-head disease - whatever u wanna call it.

Ok i gotta go my dad is moaning at me -
Cor (feeling english) - its 15 past midnight shoooot.

Gotta go before my dad murders me ;)

Ilyguys Maddyxx

Thursday, June 11, 2009

THe new Headers

(CLick to enlarje)
Xoxo BFfsml
HOpe you like them

Which Dress?

Time to make yourself heard, blog readers! The two looks below are exactly the same except for one thing, a different colored dress. Both looks included a newly released Bisou dress (in yellow and purple), the Bisou heeled platform shoes in black, and the topaz necklace from Splendid.

Now it's time for you to decide! Which look do YOU think is Hot and which is Not? Or can you just not choose? Whatever you pick, tell us WHY you like it! We're eager to hear your opinion. And who knows? One lucky reader might just land a guest post....

In yellow:

In purple: