Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hiiiiiiiiii ( quoting the title)... Oh by the way if you're thinking "why the hell did she put such a stupid title?", its just because i cant think of anything clever to say.

Btw thanks so much to my fellow blogger bffsml for making my gorge and oh-so-vintage looking banner - its so nice i love it!

Just some small things...
Boys clothes - finally! i reckon stardoll have only just realised there are boys on stardoll.
I even bought a boys top they released - though i AM A GIRL lol ;) before any rumours spread. LOL
no its really gorgeous. Its pink - its called hawaiian top and it does not fit my doll -- arrrgh.
But wth.
Here is een picturetje (sorry i merge english with dutch alll thee tiiime - its my 1/4 dutchness rubbing off):

Btw some lil glitches.
Red circled: high heels sign lol!!! For mens shoes.
Green circled: on the price tag - the two top ones are literally 'top' ones - where is the tiny lil top pic? If they can give men a high heels sign they can give them a girls top sign
And the bottom one is cus there is there are 4 item thingies and only 3 on him

And the big circles at the v v top are to show the fact that they are headless, beheaded, have the i-have-no-head disease - whatever u wanna call it.

Ok i gotta go my dad is moaning at me -
Cor (feeling english) - its 15 past midnight shoooot.

Gotta go before my dad murders me ;)

Ilyguys Maddyxx