Friday, June 5, 2009

New doll glitch and more

Hiiiii!!!!!! Sooo glad to be blogging again.
Really sad that Bonis gone - she was amazing for this blog and so was Katie - they started this off really well (btw is katie leaving?? im not sure).

Well ive got a mini glitch to tell you - not the most interesting thing in the world but still, here it is:
You know how they've got into a habit of giving the celebs lovely *cough* not *cough* white tshirts to wear under everything (but on top of underwear)?? Well Claire Holt's got that - but its different - it goes over everything - even hair!!

Plus theres the free top for superstars in the starplaza thats meant to be a gift dress
*Pic taken from The Stardoll Insiders*

*Pic taken from The Stardoll Insiders*

I already bought it double quick - not slow am i?

Im not sure if its still there but it definitely was before *GLITCH*

Well thats it for now -

P.S If i havent been posting for ages and if i dont post for a while, its because i'm moving soon and we're packing up the house (i never knew we had SO MUCH STUFF). So i'm v sorry and i will post as much as poss.