Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Hotbuys

The June Hotbuys are out! Below is my rating:

1. Pink blouse/jacket: the crop style is cute and I love the ruffled sleeves! My only thought is that it looks like it'll be difficult to pair this top with other items. 7/10

2. Purple skirt: it looks like a fish! Nice color though.... 3/10

3. Hot pink shoes: I love them! The wedge is totally hot for spring and summer and the color is so bright and eye-catching! But again, I don't what else they'll go with... 9/10

4. Pink/purple tube dress: yes, the draped look is in. Yes, the colors aren't complementary at all. No, I won't be buying it. 4/10

5. Hot pink bag: [has been released] I like the fact that it's bigger... almost a tote bag. But again, the color might prove problematic when it comes to pairing it with other items! 6/10

6. Bikini necklace: love it! Though I would love it more if it was a little shorter... 8/10

7. Watch: a watch? Yeah ok... I suppose it's cute, but I don't know how many people will buy something that small. 5/10

8. Floral dress: the floral print is a must for spring. And the fact that it's strapless? Even better. I'll be buying it! 9/10

9. "Darling" shirt dress: LOVE it! Comfortable but soo hot. 10/10

10. Floral skirt: there are times when floral is definitely a not.... I think my grandparents had a couch with that print.... 3/10

Final decision: 6/10. This month seemed to be pretty hit or miss. Some items were totally hot and some were definitely not

Well, what are your thoughts? Hot or Not?