Friday, January 30, 2009

Hot Buys

New hot buys jacket 11 stardollars and superstar.


Stardoll's New Look!

New Look!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Come on, stardoll!

So by now we've all seen the new Britney Spears doll and clothes. But seriously, Stardoll couldn't style the mannequins any better than this?

I'm sorry, there's just nothing cute about that look.

On the upside, we've discovered what the "coming soon" design shop was... the styling studio! Disappointing, I know. I mean, I was hoping for 2 new things! But I probably shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, this IS stardoll we're talking about.

Lookie what i found! Brit!

Heyyyy guys
I was at the starplaza and LOOKIE WHAT I FOUND!
i guess you've all seen (or played with) the new Brit Spears doll?
Well look at this:

*Click to enlarge*

Do you see anything.. similar.. about these clothes? Yes? That's because they are the SAME.
Anyone who loves the clothes from the new Britney doll, GO BUY!
And also somewhere near the top left, black skirt: Olsen skirt.
Just a thought, as the last Olsen thing (the Olsen Twins Jacket) was a rare, maybe this is?
Just a thought....

So there you go. Britnew (geddit?!) stuff and a maybe-rare.
Good day??



Sunday, January 25, 2009

Over 25 milloin members isnt enough stardoll?

i was searching a website and noticed actually it was everywhere!!!!!
Stardoll you have more than 25 million members and a lot of glitches and problems with us.You re-release cloths,stop giving starpoints,on an open studio you still write styling studio ect.
I guess you need more money ...huh?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Clothes n things!

So i have some news and some stuff you probably dont care about knowing but im gonna tell you anyway, guys!
First, im gonna rant about the Starbazaar! (yay?)

Ok (not naming this person, and if they read this and work out its them, no offence meant), here is a good example.
Normally people buy things cheap and sell them for $60.
Well this person is so stupid that, though they are selling some of it expensive, mainly they've bought it for $60 and are selling it... almost cheap.
Some people really are stupid, right?

Also i think they are getting a bit faulty - a wicker puff in the clothes selection?

Also, new clothes, new posh dress out (check rio girls)
SS Sale and the first two free things are OUT!
Here they are:

YAY buy em now! (thanks to club CheatFinder for telling me about them)

Well Toodles and TTFN



Also there is free shoes for superstars in Fallen Angel and these free earrings in Splendid.
Here's a piccy:

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We're all far too familiar with Stardoll's glitches... but sometimes they come out with something that's just plain funny. Evidence below.

Haha! Even if they wanted to give the Chanel Iman doll a short hair style or even a shaved head, they should at least give her a complete head.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009



heres mine:

awesome, huh?
Your dolls appear underneath your best friends list.
AND you can save them in your album
I REPEAT you can save them and OTHER PEOPLE's dolls in your album... WOOOH!

(untill you do the next stupid thing)


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey: Inauguration and I'm Back

Im baaaaaaaaaaack!!! Hey all you bloggers? I hope everyone enjoyed Inauguration Day.! I cant tell you as a young black woman how much this means to me. I hope it meant alot to you, too. Well, make sure to watch The Neighborhood Party at 8:00 est.



Monday, January 19, 2009


I think my title says it all.
But im gonna continue anyway because i feel like ranting at someone about how stardoll keeps rereleasing (GRRR) items.

Theres more but i cant be bothered.
The shorts and the dress... I own both, and im sure i payed $6 or $7 for the dress, as it was quite old.
I admit i havent seen the corsets before, or the shoes but they look like bad graphics so im guessing they're quite old.
The belt... i own it...
The weird pink top and the hotpants? 50'S DOLL FLASHBACK



*sorry about that *


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Look for Less

Ok, so I was listening to Avril Lavigne tonight and I got inspired to do another look for less piece. I decided to do a look based on one of the outfits Avril wears in "Girlfriend." (Yes, I know we have an Avril doll that has better versions of the clothes, but bear with me here.)

I was actually pretty impressed with the results! The clothes are all non superstar and available right now in starplaza.

A lot to get through

Hey you guys I'm afraid this is gonna be long; i have a lot to get through
1. new clothes in starplaza - slumber party:

These were the only two items i liked properly from this theme.

The first superstar hotbuys item that came out so far.
Ok its cheap but i was thinking maybe this would be the first month ever where we had all cheap nss HBs

I was so wrong.
So first all they did was keep it cheap but make it SS.
The next one that came out (ahhhhh) the AMAZING purple HBS dress. I was like "ok, they would have to make it superstar"
I didn't see the "1" before the "4".
Yess it costs 14!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

2. I was going through dolls (i love doing this) when i found this:

Click to enlarge.

Different doll same clothes
Oh i know the bikini is slightly different but add/remove those red button things where needed.
Also doesn't that blue dress look like a blue version of that red dress that Amy Adams (doll) has and also was that free dress you can get by using different email addresses (click here to get to The Stardoll Insiders' post about it).

3. Also a quick little thing. I'm sure you've heard by now about the secret of moonacre shop that even if you dont have moonacre, you can still get through search... (if you haven't, you search red and pink and dresses and on the 6th page there are two, and there are a few more which if you want to know them, tell me in a comment)
well anyway. So on one of my Non-SS accounts i bought some clothes from there and look what turned up in her suite:

Well anyway thanks for reading my long long long post :)


Thursday, January 15, 2009


hey im back!:)
well i love the new releases in the starplaza
the Hotbuys dress,the Bisou shirt!.......
but i mean 14 dollars for wet looking dress?:O
i have money so i bought it!
but im still in shock!!!!!
PS:sorry for no pictures my program is crazy and my photoshop is gone....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I've got a Hot and Not newsflash for Stardoll.


Not: stuff we've seen before.

That Fudge sweater dress? I just sold that in my bazaar a few short months ago. High-waisted Fudge shorts? Still in my closet. The lips hoodie? I saw that in someone else's bazaar a few DAYS ago. And don't even get me started on the rainbow shirts....

Come on, Stardoll, we're bored! We want new stuff! Not the things we just sold in our bazaars.

Hello there!!

Hello there all you fab-ulous star-bloggers!!

I must apologize for my last post, i know it sucked! Anyhow, I plan to do better in the So let me give you today's fashionable quote and a few tips on hotbuys in case your new.

So on the sub of hotbuys..... Make sure you buy them!! (no matter how incredibly hidious they are) and make sure you get them quick because there only out for a limited amount of time before "POOF" there gone! Today's fashion quote is: " Anything plain you can always play up. Whether it's with some fun jewlery or a big black waistband belt". I'm not done yet!! By the way, remember to visit Bonnie's pagea and Katies. I messsed up but they still gave me a second chance. Remember, whether you a size 16 on stardoll you can always be bea-youtiful!!



Monday, January 12, 2009


Soo hello.
So yeah i was thinking, as this is the Hot and Not of Stardoll, that i should do a sort of Hot-or-not thing.
I got to the starplaza today, and it wasnt hard at all
Here we go:

Click to enlarge.
Fudge boys 60's polo (orange, green and yellow) $5: YUCK YUCK YUCK. That's all i need to say.
Winter jacket $5: Though purple, its too puffy and it looks like i have no neck.
Bisou skirt $5: Ughh what are you thinking, stardoll? Its all bumpy and ugh.
Evil Panda jacket $7: Umm what? The buttons are weird and its too furry.
Rio Chicas Fake Fur Jacket $6: Most of it is fine but ORANGE fur????? No.

Pretty in Pink Hotbuys Bag $4: Gorgeous!!!! Luvin' it, buyin' it.
Rio Chicas Hip Belt $4: Cute.
Stardoll Wrap Skirt $5:Nice, though it looks a bit too tight for me (i prefer floaty)
Evil Panda Leggings $4: Love the frilly bit on the end.
Olsen Twins leather jacket $7: RARE RARE RARE!!! AND GORGEOUS!! OMG!! BUYING NOW!
Folk flower printed top $5: Nice but a bit dull.

I have to hand it to stardoll, most of the items there (good and bad) were cheap and Non-SS (except the Evil Panda Jacket, the Rio Chicas Fake Fur Jacket and the Olsen Twins leather jacket).
And has anyone else realised that all these (gorgeous) January Hotbuys have been Non-SS too??

I LOVE you stardoll (but only till you do your next crap glitchy thing)


BTW sorry - in both my pictures i was shoeless. I quite like the Rio Chicas HBs Shoes. Just imagine i'm wearing them.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New look!?!

So hello-dello guys!
Well i was browsing suites when i found a girl called mileycyrusyay:

Click to enlarge.
And i thought, "Awesome new look"
I think it's brilliant.

Also, a couple of days ago in the starplaza i found this:

Are you kidding me stardoll? Are you flipping kidding me?

The only ok items there are the HBs Coat and the pink leggings and earmuffs.

Someone please go and moan at Stardoll about them ((I have homework to do)).


P.S Ugh one of my first New Year's Resolutions i thought of was: Dont keep your homework til the night before you have to hand it in. I have ICT and English to hand in tomorrow, and how much of either have i done? Nada, which is Spanish for NONE or NOTHING.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From Russia, With Love

Ok, so maybe it's not an original title ;)

Stardoll has released it's latest set of internationally themed clothes just in time for the Eastern Orthodox Christmas (January 6th, for those who didn't know).

Personally, I like most of the items. The skirts and dress have fun floral prints yet they still have that winter flavor. The (faux) fur hat however, what were they thinking?!


Ok, I'm here with your latest fashion update.

In: cheap hot buys. Philosophy. New 12 room suite.

Out: expensive LE and Hotbuy clothing. Folk. Old 10 room suite.




Mohhahah Callie!



This afternoon, i'd forgotten what the LE brand looked like (memory of a goldfish, me), and i went to Callie.Stardoll to see and i found...

Hahhhahahhahahhahahahhahaa... (<--- evil laughter)
So, Callie, you might get the most expensive clothes there ever was on Stardoll free, but as a consequence you lose all the rest of your clothes, and the worst shoes and bags you have are multiplied...

Monday, January 5, 2009

I must be dreaming...

Hi guys!!
Sooo i toodled off to the (stardoll) shop today and i saw the hotbuys coat...

So i put it on.. It looks terrible on me. BUT i saw the price... $5!! And Non-SS!!!
Are they just being nice to the NSS or is it a Xmas Pressie or am i dreaming... Last time i bought a HB it cost like $15.


Thursday, January 1, 2009


It is closed for remodeling!!!!!!! Are they changing all of the clothes or the space?? 


Spontaneous New Year's Partayyy!

New Year's Party!

Who: Me and rirounette1 decided to start it.
Where: My (scribonia326) GB.
When: NOW
What to wear: Anything that says "party" to you.
Why: It's new years and we're bored!


Taylor Swift

I am sorta obsessed with look-alikes, so now I have a look-alike of Taylor Swift as me. I've had Agyness Deyn before, and I might try Rihanna next. But here's a Taylor Swift look of mine because her songs really get me inspired and hopeful. :) I love you Taylor Swift!!!