Saturday, January 24, 2009

Clothes n things!

So i have some news and some stuff you probably dont care about knowing but im gonna tell you anyway, guys!
First, im gonna rant about the Starbazaar! (yay?)

Ok (not naming this person, and if they read this and work out its them, no offence meant), here is a good example.
Normally people buy things cheap and sell them for $60.
Well this person is so stupid that, though they are selling some of it expensive, mainly they've bought it for $60 and are selling it... almost cheap.
Some people really are stupid, right?

Also i think they are getting a bit faulty - a wicker puff in the clothes selection?

Also, new clothes, new posh dress out (check rio girls)
SS Sale and the first two free things are OUT!
Here they are:

YAY buy em now! (thanks to club CheatFinder for telling me about them)

Well Toodles and TTFN



Also there is free shoes for superstars in Fallen Angel and these free earrings in Splendid.
Here's a piccy: