Sunday, January 11, 2009

New look!?!

So hello-dello guys!
Well i was browsing suites when i found a girl called mileycyrusyay:

Click to enlarge.
And i thought, "Awesome new look"
I think it's brilliant.

Also, a couple of days ago in the starplaza i found this:

Are you kidding me stardoll? Are you flipping kidding me?

The only ok items there are the HBs Coat and the pink leggings and earmuffs.

Someone please go and moan at Stardoll about them ((I have homework to do)).


P.S Ugh one of my first New Year's Resolutions i thought of was: Dont keep your homework til the night before you have to hand it in. I have ICT and English to hand in tomorrow, and how much of either have i done? Nada, which is Spanish for NONE or NOTHING.