Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello there!!

Hello there all you fab-ulous star-bloggers!!

I must apologize for my last post, i know it sucked! Anyhow, I plan to do better in the So let me give you today's fashionable quote and a few tips on hotbuys in case your new.

So on the sub of hotbuys..... Make sure you buy them!! (no matter how incredibly hidious they are) and make sure you get them quick because there only out for a limited amount of time before "POOF" there gone! Today's fashion quote is: " Anything plain you can always play up. Whether it's with some fun jewlery or a big black waistband belt". I'm not done yet!! By the way, remember to visit Bonnie's pagea and Katies. I messsed up but they still gave me a second chance. Remember, whether you a size 16 on stardoll you can always be bea-youtiful!!