Saturday, January 17, 2009

A lot to get through

Hey you guys I'm afraid this is gonna be long; i have a lot to get through
1. new clothes in starplaza - slumber party:

These were the only two items i liked properly from this theme.

The first superstar hotbuys item that came out so far.
Ok its cheap but i was thinking maybe this would be the first month ever where we had all cheap nss HBs

I was so wrong.
So first all they did was keep it cheap but make it SS.
The next one that came out (ahhhhh) the AMAZING purple HBS dress. I was like "ok, they would have to make it superstar"
I didn't see the "1" before the "4".
Yess it costs 14!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

2. I was going through dolls (i love doing this) when i found this:

Click to enlarge.

Different doll same clothes
Oh i know the bikini is slightly different but add/remove those red button things where needed.
Also doesn't that blue dress look like a blue version of that red dress that Amy Adams (doll) has and also was that free dress you can get by using different email addresses (click here to get to The Stardoll Insiders' post about it).

3. Also a quick little thing. I'm sure you've heard by now about the secret of moonacre shop that even if you dont have moonacre, you can still get through search... (if you haven't, you search red and pink and dresses and on the 6th page there are two, and there are a few more which if you want to know them, tell me in a comment)
well anyway. So on one of my Non-SS accounts i bought some clothes from there and look what turned up in her suite:

Well anyway thanks for reading my long long long post :)