Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kohls 2009!

Second post, here we come! I'm good :)

This time around, Kohls. Who's excited? I know I certainly am! Fun Kohls clothes for Non-Superstars? Count me in. As with any store, there are some hits and misses (like that suit.... I'm still not sure what exactly I think about it), but on the whole, I'm a fan.

Here's my review of the whole thing.

The Candies collection is super cute, from the checkered coat, to the purple belted shirt, to the peep-toe heels. I'm in love with the bag the Britney doll is holding and that black skirt in the back is oh so sweet. However I'm not sure what to think of the plaid blouse on the far right... is it supposed to be bat wing? And compared to past collections, the pants aren't too impressive this time around. But on the upside, I like the necklace that pants suit model is sporting. Over all? A -

Oh Abbey Dawn.... where to start? I've never been a fan of an entire Abbey Dawn collection and this one didn't make me change my mind. I'm of the opinion that everything looks like it's completely ill-fitting and is just overall not visually pleasing. That's not to say that I don't find ONE thing I like. This time around it was the black and pink dress that Avril's is modeling. I love it! This is one case where girly-rock works. For me, that dress is the saving grace of this entire collection. C +

Now for my personal favorite, Mudd. The Mudd collections continually impress me, they're full of cute, casual clothes that I can easily imagine myself wearing not only on my MeDoll but also in real life. I love the checked purple shirt, the gray sweater dress is adorable, the jeans are great, the bag is fun, the puffer vest, hat, and scarf are cute, what more can you ask for in a collection? Great shoes, you say? Well you're right, there. But incredibly they've got those too! Boots! How nice. I like it, Stardoll. I really do. A +