Monday, March 2, 2009

Glamour magazine, Clubs, DKNY and Cute Pups!

Hey guys!!!

Glamour Magazine (click here) is OUT and its AMAZING!!

It's made mainly by dodence_bt and a couple of others, covergirl is BeverlyHillsHei.
For the rest you gotta go see it!!
The graphics are amazing btw.

Also on a totally different subject you can get three free london items if you join any of these three clubs:




(credit to Scribonia326 @

I guess you've all seen the new Elle by now and i wont continue on it apart from the fact that it's really nice but way too expensive as its already been covered in a really good post by Varietygirl9143.

Also i guess you've already seen the new Limited Edition DKNY idea from the stardoll mag which looks brill (and i love the hair of the model in the stardoll magasine post.
Plus the next season doll is out and for the Non-SSs who can't visit it here is a spoiler:

Seen the new "Call Me" HBS bracelet? i bought it like a shot its so gorgeous!
It's $5 and SS - sorry non-SS amazing people out there!

And finally our new dog-doll - CHLOE!!!
A bit cute a bit not - and her wardrobe is great too!
Recognise any of these things?

So if you've got any of these things in medoll form, remember "this dog wears it too!''
Also this adorable pup is here too!
Quite a lot cuter i think:


Anyway sorry about this long post,

P.S also everything is buzzing with: Tylerismean, Fug Fashion and Springate leaving! AAAH.