Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm Back!

Geez, I go away and Stardoll gets crazy busy!

Let's see, how about a list of everything that's happened. That seems like a good way to do this, otherwise I doubt I'll get through it all! So we've got the makings of a HUGE post here, what with pictures and all. Well, let's get this started or we'll be here all day!

1) first things first. Glamorati. The new trend taking over stardoll. Personally, I like it. The purple dress is my favorite :) Miley Cyrus seems to be the darling of the trend, so many of the dresses are Miley dresses. Buy 'em now, folks, remember what's happened with other Miley dresses? They're now collectibles.

Speaking of Miley, recognize that white and black dress on the right? Yeah, that lovely free dress from a few weeks ago is now selling for 10 stardollars. That's right. 10 SDs versus free. And while we're talking about expensive, did anyone take a look at the price tag on that hot floral dress on the left? 16 stardollars. Outrageous!

2) New shop alert! Let's give a warm stardoll welcome to a shop that isn't filled with re-releases: Basics!
It's filled with, wait for it, basics. Now if you know me at all, you know I'm tickled pink at the idea of having a basics shop. I'm the kinda of person that loves using basic pieces, so this shop is pretty close to heaven on earth for me. I'm loving it.

3) Vivienne Tam's new collection was released! OMG! Again, very exciting. I'm in love with these colors and that black halter dress has me positively drooling. The only things I don't like are the prices. :( But be sure to pick up that darling maxi dress, it's too cute!

4) Now for a glitch. It wouldn't be stardoll without a glitch though, right? I wasn't looking forward to the newest Miley doll when I saw the preview picture (on the right) but then I saw the doll and went "what?" Those definitely aren't the same doll. But this time, I'm kind of glad. I really didn't like that preview pic!

5) Lastly, (no picture this time) there's a rumor going around on the spoiler sites that a new Elle collection is coming soon. Keep your eyes open stardollers, if this new collection is anything like the current one, it won't be one to miss.

Ok, well I think I've caught up on everything. Thanks to Maddy for keeping us alive while I was gone! :)

(oh and btw, RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.)