Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Back and 2 Free Tops!

It's me (if you are that dum that you dont know who 'me' is, then i suggest you look at my header again)!!!
So again i havent posted in about 2 & 1\2 weeks but this time i have a proper reason - i was on holiday in the sun (and then it was easter and my eggs melted :(. Still yummy scrumboes though).
This time i think i might have a thing for two free tops (no cheering at the back there - i said "i think").
Its nothing special, but hey, its free.
Ok basically i live in holland and they have this thing called "Koninginnedag" - the queen's birthday and stardoll wants dutch members to dress up Princess Maxima to win a couple of outfits. And when you've saved her in your album you get a free t-shirt, and i reckon its the same for the "SPECTACULAR!" contest so heres a double pic of the two tops:

So, if you want the tops but dont want to do the competition, go to Maxima's page and Spectacular!'s page and just save them as they are, get to your album, delete them and BAM two tops in your suite.
I think anyone can do it.
I dont actually know deffo if it works so give it a try and tell me in comments!

OK and second thing - little glitch - what do you think of this??

Woah a long one and i hope you didnt get bored -