Sunday, May 24, 2009


*No header cuz the pic uploader is messing up but its ME Maddy!*
Stardoll is having a little saletje ( sorry i do that - rubs off its a dutch thing saying "tje" on the end of everything! Its said like "chuh!" so u know) on Elle and Viv. Tam.
*YAY* so get your money bags out guys!
Im afraid i have no pics cuz my print screen button has gone all spazzy (All pic-related things it seems)
But its not all of elle just some of it - just the first selection.
But its still good - i bought 3 things from elle that before would have costed $21 but now is $9!
Its still all of Viv. Tam except 1 pair of shoes - weird huh?

ANYWAY go get your piggybanks and have a shopping spree!


P.S Views on Stardoll Archive (new shop)? Personally i think its a bit pointless having a shop with about 7 items of clothing in it, right? Its meant to be an archive, and archives are meant to be v. big. What do you think?

*UPDATE: Turns out all shops except the other RB shops have a sale too - i just didnt notice because it is a very small sale*