Thursday, December 4, 2008

So, Stardoll....

Some Limited Edition items were published to the magazine today. They all look great, don't they?

There's just a few small problems: how are we supposed to buy them? There's nothing listed about where they'll be available, how much they'll cost, or when they'll be out. If you go to Callie's page, she's wearing a few of these LE items, which makes me wonder if that means there's one less for us to buy?

So Stardoll, Limited Edition stuff is a great idea, but here's a few tips.

One, how about instead of only having 250 copies of a certain item, make it easier for everyone to have a shot at getting them, have them available for one day to whoever happens to be online to get one. That way, they're still rare, but you'll have a much happier bunch of members on your hands.

Two, give us a hint about when they'll be around! It's the little things that make us happy....

Three, please don't sell them for a really outrageous price. We've already had to go through that with the Alberta di Ferretti store... don't make us endure it again.