Tuesday, February 3, 2009


FINALLY! The new DKNY collection is out in StarPlaza :) Yay. But HOLY COW it's expensive! 18 stardollars for one dress? You're kidding, right Stardoll? 

I've decided to give you all something funny to read... it's my dialogue with the computer as I looked at DKNY this morning!

SD: go take a look, you know you want to.
V: Yes I do... wait. No glitch this time... that's unfortunate.
SD: Well we figured we could make more money by not giving any away for free this year! Aren't we clever?
V: Curse you..... 
SD: So what do you think about the new collection?
V: ... um ... 
SD:     :D
V: What the heck is up with those red shoes? 
SD: They're fan-scribbly-tastic.
V: ...
SD: So? Opinions!
V: I like the t-shirt.... and the belts..... that's about all I can see myself wearing though.

So? What are your must-haves in the new collection? 

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