Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sorry and LE and lots more

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!!!!!!!
First of all i am SO SORRY i havent posted in ages!!
I know like half of stardoll has been having exams, and though im only year seven, so have i
You'd think they'd let us off, huh?
Any way quite a lot has happened since i've been gone...
sadly i right now only have about $15 but im going to get my SS money tomorrow, i hope theres a decent item that costs $50 or less left!

*sighs at gorgeous, expensive clothing*

Also i found this when i was checking my updates:

Updating clubs???? thats never happened before
i wonder what they're doing!?

Also i made this a while ago but never used it, i realise now that most of them arent in the shops
anymore, but who cares.

Which are your fave purple items out of these?
Tell me in comments xx
Mine are definitly the purple uggs, the HBs handbag,, the umbrella and one of the dresses.

Well i think thats it for now, everything else i wanna say is covered by the other awesome writers of this blog.

Ta and Toodles

P.S did you know the olsen twins get not only their doll's clothes free but the elisabeth and james clothes free too? Wait a second E&J were the twins' brand. Silly Maddy.